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You and your family are special

We value you and listening to you explaining what you need from a Regency Carer.

Fully employed carers

All of our carers are fully employed. They all pay tax and national insurance contributions and are dedicated to look after your loved ones.

All of our carers come with solid experience and some have caring qualifications. We offer additional training to keep their qualifications up to date too.

Quality resource every time

Regency understands first-hand the importance of having a quality, reliable, trustworthy resource and we pride ourselves on providing the best possible resource to suit your needs whether its childcare or elderly care.

All applicants we provide go through extensive vetting and checking procedures with supporting documentation.

Our bespoke matching service ensures a tailored fit for your requirement.
Perfectly matching your need.

We work hand in hand with you

You most definitely aren’t just a “number” to us or the “next one on the list”.

We work hand in hand with you to ensure we fully understand your needs.

Not our need – your elderly relative’s needs.

Looking for a live-in carer?