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Caring for Aging Parents: You’re Not Alone

Here at Regency we endeavour to provide you with the same level of care we would to our own family. Live in and out care does not have to cost the earth and use up all carefully earnt savings.

Here at Regency we have worked hard to provide a top quality offering at the best possible cost. Giving your loved ones the most suitable care gives everyone complete peace of mind.

We place the greatest importance of placing the ‘best fit’ carer to each client – taking into consideration their likes, dislikes, hobbies (both current and desired), nutritional preferences, favourite meals, religious beliefs and strive to make sure we enhance day to day living where possible.

For example we have a client who use to like watercolour painting and a Regency carer gave them the confidence to take the hobby up again and accompanied them on a watercolour holiday to France.

At Regency we believe the matching to be of utmost importance and work with both the client and carer in detail to ensure we provide a perfect match.

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