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Proper Home Cooking: Sunday Roasts and More

We do-proper home cooking:

Sunday roasts cottage pie and apple crumbles-mmmmmmm

The importance of proper home cooking cannot be underestimated and here at Regency we place the highest importance on good home cooking. All of your loved ones favourite recipes cooked just the way they like them.

We complete a meal plan including breakfast, mid-morning coffee and biscuits, lunch (with pudding if required), afternoon tea and cake, and dinner (with pudding if required).

You can’t beat the smell of Sunday Roast cooking a or lovely Cottage Pie bubbling away in the oven on a wet, cold day. Followed by a delicious pudding with custard. We take the time to record your loved ones favorite meals and snacks and make sure our carers are expert cooks!.

Fish on Friday? – one of our Regency office favourites!.

There is the famous saying “An army marches on its stomach” and we agree. Three home cooked meals a day can make such a difference to quality of life. Additionally there is nothing better than a nice afternoon nap after a filling and nutritionally balanced lunch.

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