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Regency believes that safeguarding adults is everyone’s responsibility.

We promote the ethos of ‘if it’s not reported it cannot be stopped’.

Regency’s Safeguarding policy applies to all Regency personnel whether they work in a Regency office, in a service user’s home or are engaging with other regulated agencies, local authorities or medical institutions.

We have a “No Secrets” safeguarding policy supported by a whistle blowing facility.

We work hard to ensure a safe environment and regularly take note of any updates from the Home Office Keep Safe booklet which is aimed at vulnerable adults.

We ensure everyone understands the role of the alerted and the process they must follow.

This includes:

  • Recognizing the signs and symptoms of abuse.
  • The ability to recognize when someone is telling you about something that they do not like or want.
  • Reporting to the line manager or any other appropriate agency.
  • All roles and responsibilities are known and well understood.
  • Responding sympathetically with careful listening and not being judgmental.
  • Responding appropriately by ensuring the immediate safety of the person and themselves.
  • Recording in the person’s own words and sign and date the record as soon as it possible.

We follow all available guidance to ensure our safeguarding is as effective and robust as possible. We aim to have regular engagement with all relevant agencies to keep fully up to date to constantly improve our policy.

Regular training is provide to our carers and printed information is provided to our clients and/or service users. We monitor our performance and feedback to constantly iterate and improve.

Caring is the number one aim for us. We truly strive to comprehensively care in all aspects of our service offering. Safeguarding does not have to be a hard, harsh, uncaring policy and can be dealt with in a compassionate and effective way. Appropriate communication and the way this is delivered is key to a caring safeguarding policy.

Our carers are fully trained in how to quickly recognize and respond to any safeguarding issue fully supported with internal processes and procedures. We offer a 24 hour emergency telephone number and a whistleblowing email address. Both go straight through to the owner of the business and have a strict timeline for critical tasks.

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